What We Do

Bring compelling, creatively articulated brand ideas to life.

How We Do It

Our highly connected industry experts operate as your brand concierge accessing the highest level of award-winning creative and production companies around the world for a fraction of the price.

Why We Do It

For the work and for you.

About Us

Offsite is a new agency model. We share the belief, like many of you, that the old agency model is broken. Fixed pricing, bloated retainers, burned out creatives, massive offices, assistants who have assistants, and staff paid regardless of your workload no longer represent the best interest of the client.

Offsite has flipped this structure and is specifically designed around each individual client's need. We are not an AOR, as we believe the "jack of all trades" approach is unrealistic.  No one agency can deliver on absolutely everything. We are not project based, as we also believe the learning curve is too steep for clients and industries. Rather, we consider ourselves the best of both worlds, or AOR+.

We are seasoned industry experts with one brand idea owner conducting a symphony of specialists. Offsite operates as a lead agency collaborating with award-winning, and otherwise difficult to access, creative and production companies around the globe, but without the micromanagement of every partner agency or campaign. It's time to pack up your retainer and production fees and go Offsite.

Offsite Work

The best ideas come not only from collaboration with clients, but with highly talented individuals who want to work on your brand. Offsite is set up to constantly provide fresh-blooded, hand-raising industry specialists for each and every assignment.

Client Experience
























Michael Hill

Chief Executive Officer

Former CMO and SVP of Skidmore Studio and former director of client services at Young & Rubicam. Michael is a hospitality, beverage, tourism and millennial market specialist with award-winning experience involving advertising agencies such as J.Walter Thompson, McCann-Erickson and BBDO for clients like MillerCoors, Dave & Buster’s, Outback Steakhouse, Hotels.com, Expedia and Norwegian Cruise Line.

Peter Mertz

Chief Operating Officer

With over 15 years' experience in the digital field and having a wide range of knowledge on the inner workings of the automotive and tech industry, Pete has become instrumental in helping some of the world’s most beloved brands build out their digital offerings. As part of his many business endeavors, he's helped establish Offsite Agency to fill an ever-expanding gap in the market that leaves brands without the resources to meet their digital needs.

Eric Bute

Chief Creative Officer

Found success within the advertising community, creating award-winning campaigns that would gain him industry-wide recognition and ultimately the position of Global Creative Director at Euro/RSCG, now the world’s fifth-largest agency network. He helped make Intel one of the world’s most recognized brands by creating the first of many award winning Super Bowl spots, after gaining industry-wide recognition from top trade and mainstream organizations such as Communication Arts, The One Show, Print, Creativity, Adweek, and Advertising Age.

Colleen Vail

Account Lead/Producer

Colleen comes with a breadth of account management and production experience and currently takes on both roles at Offsite. She is the Account Lead on all clients and projects and will also lead any productions that come through Offsite as well. She’s had experience with a number of brands: McDonald’s, Bonefish Grill, Dave & Buster’s, Norwegian Cruise Line, Kellogg’s, International Delight, Sears, American Express and Cici's Pizza. She’s also been exposed to a range of production: from live action to lifestyle photography to animation to food photography and motion. She has a focused work ethic and moves fast but doesn’t miss a detail.

Nicolette Anderson

Account Executive

Nicolette has years of experience in business management and customer service, making her a superior client liaison. She's extremely organized and result-oriented, spearheading day-to-day projects for multiple national clients, including Dave & Buster’s, Norwegian Cruise Line, PepsiNext, Starbucks and Amp Energy. Currently, she runs the entire print business for Dave & Buster’s, which covers point-of-purchase, local and new store marketing and special events.
Nicolette makes a point in always exceeding client expectations when completing a task. Her eagerness to immerse herself in the client’s business makes her an asset to any customer she engages with.

Whitney Conroy

Executive Producer

Whitney brings with her years of vendor relationships and professional connections. Before joining Offsite, she rose to the top of a bustling commercial production company, where they welcomed her as their head of production and in-house producer. At this time, she ran and produced multiple top-level broadcast commercials, digital shorts, music videos, case studies and live performances, a talent that is now channeled into Offsite products.


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